New MSSU COVID-19 Resource Guide

New MSSU COVID-19 Resource Guide

Around the world, researchers are working quickly to build a better understanding of COVID-19, and the novel coronavirus that causes this disease. Staying current with this rapidly-evolving field is challenging.

The MSSU has created a COVID-19 Resource Guide that provides researchers with links to various resources about COVID-19 including:

  • Public Health Websites and Guidelines
  • Evidence Synthesis Collections
  • Research Databases and Maps
  • Journal Special Collections
  • Funded/Ongoing Research and Evidence Synthesis
  • Twitter feeds
  • Search filters

“With the pace of research and new knowledge being generated on COVID-19, evidence synthesis is the first line of defense. There are some amazing initiatives around the world to create evidenced-based sources of information about ongoing COVID-19 research and its findings. Our goal isn’t to recreate these efforts but rather to gather some of these resources together into a handy reference guide that can be easily maintained,” says Leah Boulos, MSSU Evidence Synthesis Coordinator.

Boulos regularly updates the document and has set up a Google form for visitors to suggest resources that could be included in the guide.

“We’d been hearing from our colleagues and collaborators that the volume of material was making it difficult to ground research and decision-making in the best evidence and, as much as possible, avoid duplication. We wanted to support our local community by providing links to reliable resources, with an emphasis on ongoing evidence synthesis efforts,” says Dr. Jill Hayden, MSSU Nova Scotia Science Lead and Associate Professor, Department of Community Health and Epidemiology, Dalhousie University.

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New MSSU COVID-19 Resource Guide