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We welcome the involvement of researchers in the Maritimes who have an interest in patient-oriented research and evidence implementation to apply for scientific membership with the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit. 


Membership benefits & opportunities

  • MSSU scientists can supervise MSSU-funded trainees
  • Access to MSSU trainee support funding
  • Discounted rates on data access
  • Can serve on MSSU committees and cross-provincial collaborative projects
  • Network with decision-makers and other Maritime researchers
  • Access to MSSU Scientist Update newsletter featuring new publications


You do not have to be a university researcher to become a member

If you have research responsibilities at an affiliated hospital (such as an administrator at a health authority), you can apply for membership. There are two types of membership:


MSSU Associate Scientists (university). Applicants must:

  • Hold an academic appointment* at a university/affiliated research institution, or an appointment with research responsibilities at an affiliated hospital/research centre/institute in the Maritimes
  • Be eligible to independently hold grants and supervise trainees
  • Be engaged in patient-oriented, evidence implementation research
  • Show commitment to the research goals of MSSU


MSSU Affiliate Scientist (non-university) is a more flexible option designed for individuals who do not hold an academic appointment. Applicants must be engaged in patient-oriented, evidence implementation research, and may be:

  • An affiliated member of a university/affiliated research institution, hospital/research centre/institute in the Maritimes, for example instructors, adjunct or emeritus faculty, OR
  • An administrator at a provincial, national, or international, government or non-governmental, organization, OR
  • A resident, postdoctoral fellow, or other senior trainee.

Applying for membership

For full membership guidelines or to receive an application in another format, please contact Sharon Skaling, MSSU Capacity Development Coordinator.



As an MSSU affiliate scientist, my experience has been both eye-opening and empowering. Working within the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit has expanded my understanding of patient-oriented research and collaboration with communities. It's not just about doing research; it's about appreciating different viewpoints in healthcare decisions. Engaging directly with patients, combined with the resources from MSSU, has not only improved my research but also allowed me to contribute more meaningfully to healthcare in our region.
Dr. Mark Embrett

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