Myeloma Priority Setting Partnership launches second survey

Myeloma Priority Setting Partnership launches second survey

Today, the Myeloma Priority Setting Partnership (Myeloma PSP) has launched their second survey to determine a top 10 list of priority questions. This survey allows the opportunity for participants, including people with myeloma, caregivers and healthcare providers, to share what is most important to them about myeloma and have those priorities shared with research funders.

The first survey, which asked participants to identify the questions they want to see answered through research, was launched last fall and received over 3000 questions from nearly 600 participants.

This second survey allows participants to rank their top 10 questions. The top questions will be put into a short list that will inform a final workshop, where people living with myeloma and caregivers, healthcare providers, researchers, funders and other stakeholders will work collaboratively to select the ‘Top 10 Research Priority Questions.’

Much like the first survey, this second survey is anonymous. Information provided will only be used to develop the short-list of questions for the final Myeloma PSP workshop.

“The Myeloma Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) initiative – led by a team of myeloma patients, caregivers, and clinicians – provides all those impacted by myeloma with the opportunity to identify future myeloma research priorities,” says Dr. Tony Reiman, Medical Oncologist in Horizon Health Network, Canadian Cancer Society Research Chair, University of New Brunswick, and Myeloma Priority Setting Partnership Lead.

“This has never been done before for myeloma. What we learn from this initiative will be used to guide myeloma research efforts in Canada and around the world.”

The Myeloma PSP project is proudly supported by Myeloma Canada and the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit, with the entire process guided by the James Lind Alliance, a UK-based, non-profit organization.

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Myeloma Priority Setting Partnership launches second survey