MSSU offers in-kind consultation services to researchers

MSSU offers in-kind consultation services to researchers

We at the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit (MSSU) want to remind the health research community that we are open for business over the summer months. As one of several SUPPORT units across Canada, we bring health research findings to life by helping to integrate them into patient care.

How can we help with your research project?

Dedicated to supporting patient-oriented research and health services decision making in the Maritimes, we offer support for health research teams for the planning and implementation of: patient engagement; knowledge translation; evidence synthesis; data access and navigation; and privacy and ethics. We also provide training opportunities in these fields to the health research community.

Researchers can request the following support:

  • Begin your research program with expert help devising and executing evidence synthesis research. Our Evidence Synthesis Coordinator can help define your research question and inclusion/exclusion criteria, develop search terms and synonyms, and execute a search strategy;
  • Enhance your grant proposal by incorporating a patient engagement strategy;
  • Disseminate your results with expert help creating a detailed, start to finish, knowledge translation strategy;
  • Consult with our Data Coordination Specialist or Database Analysts to discuss the available data holdings and how to access them;
  • Meet with our privacy expert to discuss ethical principles and legal requirements related to your research.

If you are interested in obtaining MSSU support, complete the Research Support Intake form.

Note: for an in-depth look at the research support and consultation services offered by the MSSU, check out the new Spotlight Series to be featured regularly in the MSSU newsletter. The series kicks off in this issue with a spotlight on knowledge translation.     

MSSU offers in-kind consultation services to researchers