Introducing the MSSU Glossary

Introducing the MSSU Glossary

The MSSU is pleased to announce the launch of a new resource, the Glossary. This resource, available in both English and French, provides simple definitions of terms used in health research, as well as a few terms that are specific to the MSSU and Maritime provinces.

The Glossary was developed by a group of Patient Partners and MSSU staff, and is intended for use by anyone involved in health research.

“The MSSU Glossary will be a beneficial, inclusive tool for anyone who is not familiar with the language often used in the world of data management and research,” said Heather Hogan, a Patient Partner who helped develop this resource.

Many of the definitions included in this resource were adapted from glossaries created by:

“As the MSSU works collaboratively across many stakeholder groups including health policy decision makers, health care professionals, the research community and patient/caregivers, we wanted to develop a comprehensive list and simplified definitions for health research terms that are often unfamiliar or difficult to understand. The Glossary is meant to be a one-stop shop for the main terms used in health research,” says Julia Kontak, Knowledge Translation Coordinator.

View the MSSU Glossary

Introducing the MSSU Glossary