MSSU Trainee Support Program Self-Identification Form

Equity, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility (EDIA) strengthen research communities and the quality, social relevance, and impact of research. MSSU encourages completion of the voluntary self-identification form to help determine whether our programs are reaching a broad range of applicants in an effort to create an inclusive environment and sense of belonging with a diverse community of contributors.

MSSU encourages all applicants to complete and submit this self-identification form when applying for funding; however, you may choose not to self-identify by selecting the option “Prefer not to disclose” for some or all of the questions. Although self-identifying is encouraged, choosing not to will have no consequences for your application.

The self-identification information will only be used for statistical reporting on the representation of equity groups within the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit and will not be used for any aspect of the selection process.

Self-identification information is confidential and kept on file in the MSSU office for the minimum
prescribed time for audit purposes (i.e. five years from the last administrative action).

MSSU Trainee Support Program Self-Identification Form