Sleep for Health in Hospital and at Home (Shhh2) Parent Advisory Committee

Sleep for Health in Hospital and at Home (Shhh2) Parent Advisory Committee

A mother at the bedside of her child sleeping in a hospital room.

About this opportunity

Position Type: Patient/Public Partner

Number of roles: 4

Overview: The purpose of the Shhh2 study is to learn how we can help families sleep well when they stay in hospital, and when they return home. To do this, we will host focus groups (online) with parents/caregivers and healthcare providers working on the Pediatric Medical Unit (PMU) at the IWK Health Centre to develop an action plan to help families sleep well. As a member of the Parent Advisory Committee, you will be an important part in making key decisions throughout the study. The roles of the committee will include but not be limited to:

• ‘fact-checking’ previous research findings
• identifying and prioritizing areas to focus on
• identifying things that might be challenging or helpful when carrying out the plan
• reviewing study questions and materials
• guiding what information would be most useful for families
• reviewing and editing any resources made

For more information visit the IWK Get Involved webpage.


  • Parents/Guardians who have experience sleeping overnight in hospital with their child on a pediatric medical in-patient unit (not in a neonatal unit or intensive care unit) preferably at the IWK
  • Your experience is within the past 10 years
  • You are passionate about promoting healthy sleep for families in hospital
  • You will need to be set up as a volunteer at IWK Health (assistance in this process will be provided)

Location: All Maritime provinces

Time Commitment: 

  • The study will take place over two years, beginning in July 2023 and anticipated to end during summer 2025
  • Attend meetings held once every three months, responding to emails between meetings and preparation time for meetings.
    *You can end you involvement in the study at any time

Submission deadline: June 1, 2024

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Sleep for Health in Hospital and at Home (Shhh2) Parent Advisory Committee