2024-2025 MSSU Trainee Support Program

Trainee Support Program Application Form

This form must be completed and submitted as a supporting document for your MSSU Trainee Support (Master’s, Doctoral and Postdoctoral) application.

TIP: The online application does have a save and continue feature at the end of the form. However, it is recommended that you prepare your application in a Word document first, then copy and paste your answers into the appropriate fields online. 

If you require assistance or have any questions, please contact Sharon Skaling at

Applicant Information

Applicants must indicate the name of the institution and campus that will administer the award funds. It is recommended that applicants contact their institution well in advance of the application deadline to determine potential support. Please note: The institution must be located in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island.
If you have not yet been accepted into the program, you may leave this field blank.

Degree Information

Or the degree program to which you’ve applied
Award Type
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Supervisor Name(Required)
*To be eligible for this award, at least one supervisor must be a MSSU Associate Scientist prior to the applicant submitting their application. If a supervisor wishes to become a MSSU Associate Scientist, they should visit the MSSU website for details on the application process .
Other member of research team(Optional)
Please list up to five objectives you want to achieve over the duration of the funding period. Objectives may be related to your research project and/or other academic or student activities. Please note: Funded applicants will be required to report on progress related to the listed objectives.
Enter a title that clearly describes your research project. This title will be used for communication purposes. It should not contain a company or trade name. Spell out scientific symbols and acronyms.
Provide five keywords that describe your proposed research. This information is for evaluation and administrative purposes and aids with assigning projects to the Selection Committee.
Please Indicate which Health Research Priority your proposal addresses.
Provide a clear and concise Plain Language summary of the proposed research project that includes: 1) Title of Proposal 2) Issue/topic to be researched; 3) Background rationale for the project; 4) Methods; 5) How the research activity you will undertake is patient-oriented in nature and how POR is to be integrated throughout your research; 6) The impact / relevance to the patient population in the Maritime province in which you live and attend university.
Describe why you should be chosen for this funding opportunity. Please describe your interest and professional goals in patient-oriented (POR) research. Suggested content includes, but is not limited to: • How your training to date has supported you in conducting patient-oriented research (POR). • Previous POR training and /or research experience. • Why you are interested in POR and why you think it is important to incorporate the patient’s perspective throughout your research process. • Address the question: What are your professional goals and how will this funding help you attain your professional goals / objectives? • Address the question: How do you plan to develop your patient-oriented research skills?
Include a plan to engage Health Care Knowledge User in the project • Include a Patient Engagement Plan to describe how you have and will engage patients as partners in your project. NOTE: Patients as partners is not the same as “patient subjects” for data collection. • Include a Knowledge Translation Plan. • How your project addresses health system priorities in the Maritime province in which you live and attend university.

Justification of consideration of sex and gender in proposal

Applicants must consider how to account for sex (a biological attribute) and/or gender (socially constructed roles, behaviours, expressions, and identities) in their research. Please describe briefly how sex and/or gender considerations will be integrated into your research. It is also possible that sex and/or gender may not apply to your research question and if not integrated, please explain why (e.g., data on sex/gender are not available). If your study is focused on only one sex and/or gender, please explain why and indicate how the sample will be defined based on sex and/or gender (e.g., will eligible participants be those identifying as women, those assigned female at birth, and/or those with vulvas/vaginas, and why?). Helpful resources on considering sex and gender at all stages of research are on our website at All applicants are strongly encouraged to review these documents to consider how sex, gender, and sexual orientation may be relevant to their research questions, in addition to consulting relevant literature (e.g., on any evidence of sex/gender effects for key outcomes relevant to their project).


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2024-2025 MSSU Trainee Support Program Application Form